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I am very behind on my holiday reading, but a few recs for you.

Most important! For me!

A Life Closed Twice Before It's Close by Anon, in smutty_claus. Harry/Ginny; R; 5500 words. On Halloween, a recurring figment comes back to Harry’s life.

I'm a little remiss for not reccing this earlier, but life got away from me last week. (Finals. Ugh. They're no fun for the teacher either, I assure you.) BUT. If you have not read this yet, drop what you're doing and do so. It's... perfect! Honeslty. I don't want to give too much away, but it's a little creepy in the best possible way, and so gorgeously written. It's really a gem of a story. Ginny's characterization is just how I imagine her to be: warm, funny, feisty, a little sarcastic. And she and Harry have this very intimate moment at the beginning of this, and intimacy is HUGE KINK of mine. This is divine! (Side note: I first wrote the title as "A Life Closed Twice Before It'S Divine," which was a major Freudian slip.)

A Prefect's Privilege by Anon, for smutty_claus. Tonks/Charlie; NC-17; 4300 words. It's a prefect's privilege to take house points when he feels it's appropriate. But even prefects aren’t immune to a bit of persuasion.

I love the reversal here. So often, I've read Tonks/Weasley boy fics at Hogwarts where Tonks is this shy little flower and the Weasley boy is some sort of sex god, but that isn't the case here. Wonderful!

Non-Pompous by Anon, for smutty_claus. Katie/Dean, R, 2000 words. Katie discovers the perils of not knowing what (or who) she wants and taking a close friend for granted.

This has one of my favorite tropes: friends turning into more, and I love Katie in it!

A Little Something Between Friends by Anon, for smutty_claus. Harry/Luna, NC-17, 2000 words. Luna believes she has the cure for Harry's recent bout of performance anxiety.

Ahahaha. This is hilarious. I particularly like the beginning conversation between Harry and Ron. Makes the story!

There's a ton of fic over there that I've enjoyed, so - again - do check out the community and leave the anon authors feedback if you read something you enjoy!