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Fic recs! Woot!

So, like, I did this thing where I, like, read stories. On the internet. And now I'm recommending them for you all to read. Red letter day, here.

They're all Temeraire stories. What little there is of Temeraire fic seems to consist mostly of Tharkay/Laurence or Granby/Laurence - and if I ship Laurence with anyone, it's Jane (or Temeraire, but - you know - in a non-sexual sort of way), so these are all mostly gen. Mostly, I just want to read about dragons and their love for humans, and vice versa.

A Room with a View by hollimichele: Perscitia learned a great many things, after the invasion.
Next to Temeraire, Perscitia is my favorite dragon. She's like the dragon version of Hermione Granger. And this captures her gorgeously.

A Hole in the World, by sahiya: There is a hole in the world, and it cannot be filled.
Temeraire grieves. My heart breaks. It's achy in the best possible way.

First Crossing, by Novembersmith.
This has been jossed by the last book, but it's still darling. Temeraire has a dragonette, and she chooses a captain. Sort of.

A Woman of Character, by Fyre: Jane Roland is foremost an Aviator, but she is also a woman. Sometimes, people forget that. Sometimes, even she does.
A nice little character study of Jane, who is awesome beyond words.

Also, if you haven't read the Temeraire Series yet and are looking for something new and addictive, I suggest you march yourself to the bookstore this instant. The last book in the series - number six, I think - wasn't really up to par with the first couple in the series, but still very engaging. I've even gotten the boy to start reading them, and he's quite enamoured - and he much prefers non-fiction to fiction - but Temeraire (the dragon and the books) is quite seductive.

I think I see some Harry Potter fics calling my name. What it is about autumn that makes me want to read fanfiction?


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Sep. 9th, 2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
Oh, I LOVE the Temeraire series, but completely agree with you that the most recent book was immensely underwhelming.
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