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I went to a book signing with Veronica Roth last week. She is ADORABLE in a very dorky sort of way. Then I devoured Insurgent. Sort of. It took me a couple days to get into it. There is one thing that nearly every YA novel does that I can't stand: namely, first person POV. I have such a knee-jerk DNW reaction against it; it always takes me out of the story and it's difficult for me to get into stories written in first person, unless the story is in journal form, because that at least makes sense. BUT. Every YA novel I've read in the past year, with the exception of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and the Heist Society series, has been in first person.

Also, both Insurgent and Divergent were very... choppy. (I think The Hunger Games has this problem, too - among other problems that frustrate me b/c I so loved the first book and then...not so much). So, while I like the story and the characters, they weren't the most elegantly written stories. I still recommend them though.

I also read the newest Gallagher Girls book, Out of Sight, Out of Time, which I found super cute (as I find all of Cater's books). Then I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Wayward Children, which I liked, but it wasn't totally my thing (let me be honest, though I like plot and want it to be good and feel it's necessary to have more than romance, I read YA often for the fluffy romance, and this felt rushed and lacking - this is my own issue though), and Tempest, by Julie Cross, which I also liked, but sort of forgot about immediately after I put it down.

You can tell when my life is stressing me out by the number of YA novels I read. They're like my version of comfort mac and cheese.

In other news related to YA, Gossip Girl is stressing me out so much more than any TV show has any right to, especially as I don't even watch the show - I just fast forward to the Dair stuff and ignore everything else. (HOW does DAIR even exist on this show? Hooooow?) So, I've been mainlining Dair fanvids, as they're the only thing making me happy about GG anymore.

They are PERFECTION. *sobs*

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