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The Vampire Diaries Gave Me Feelings.

This is the longest episode reaction I've had since my halcyon days in Supernatural's fandom. My thoughts are all over the place, so this is in list form. As you do.

Things that I liked:

1) Super-creepy-in-the-coffin!Klaus with his eyes open. Well played, show.

2) Elena turned. I know people have problems with this, but I knew it happened in the book and I figured it was only a matter of time. Also, I want to see vamp!Elena lose her shit. And I want Jeremy to be the one to bring her back to herself. Or Katherine. I would be okay with Katherine. (BUT - so Matt is the only regular who is not supernatural, now? That's sort of annoying. Poor Matty. Come over to my house and I will make you cookies.)

3) Cheerleader!Elena! I love that we get an episode where Elena is all light and bright and human before she turns.

4) Jeremy. I’m so glad they finally showed how important Jeremy and Elena are to one another. Elena got a lot of shade thrown at her for compelling Jeremy to leave because his life was in danger. I'm not condoning that, but I think this proves that Jeremy would understand.

5) Matt. I love Matt. Everything about him.

6) Ditto for my bb Elijah.

7) That Elena would rather save Matt than herself. And that Stefan respected that. (Though, um, Stefan? Can you not unbuckle a seat belt? I'm going to fanwave that away for the sake of the vamp!Elena story, though)

7) Bad ass Bonnie, finally taking action on her own. My bb's growing up!

8) Caroline and Tyler and their mothers who love them.

9) STEFAN/ELENA. Whatever. Haters gonna hate. It’s really unfortunate that we didn’t get to witness any real fallout or consequences of Stefan’s “ripper” actions, and it further proves many fans’ point that his arc was merely to serve the love triangle, which is a huge suck. On the other hand, Elena was always going to choose Stefan over Damon. Also, I will always be an Elena/Stefan shipper. So, even though I know it’s not going to last into season 4, I’m going to relish it just a little bit.

What I didn’t like.

1) That Elena somehow had to choose. HATE. DNFW. The whole triangle thing these last few episodes has turned into a grumpy curmudgeon. This whole notion that Elena “owes” the Salvatore brothers anything is just. so. frustrating. And so counter to what the show used to portray.

2) The whole “I met him first” b.s. What is that? The sentiment behind Elena saying she met Stefan first was not just a “we met one time for three minutes so I’m going to choose him,” but really “I fell in love with him first.” The retcon of her meeting Damon first is such crap. It was wildly out of character for him and wildly ridiculous, and just. UGH. Also, that was not season 1 Damon; that was season 3 Damon. NO WAY would Season 1 DAMON talk to Elena about love and passion. Become obsessed with her b/c she looks like Katherine? YES. Have a heart-to-heart with her? Hahahaha. NO.

3) Speaking of that conversation. No no no to the idea of a “consuming” love. Why is that romantic? Why is losing yourself to love romantic? The one thing I adored about Elena up until, like, 3 episodes ago, was how unwilling she was to lose herself in her love of Stefan. She would make sacrifices, yes, but they had to be on her terms. This just poops all over her character.

I hate that this makes me annoyed with Damon, because I used to LOVE his character and secretly rooted for him back in season 2, and now I'm all... BACK THE EFF OFF. Grrrrr.

I can’t tell if the good outweighs the bad right now. (In quantity, yes, but maybe not in quality.) The stuff that was good…was good, but the stuff that was bad, was really, really bad. Esp. the characters and plot now existing only to serve the love triangle. You’re better than this, Show. Or you used to be. Go back to when you had awesome plots and great characters and the romance was compelling and didn't require that I suspend my disbelief to see where you were coming from. GO BACK TO THAT. I’m kind of glad this was your season finale, because I think we need a break.

Of course, I say that, but I now have the whole of season 3 saved on my DVR, and my husband is just itching to delete them, but I want to have a marathon before I let him do that. I tend to like shows more when I marathon them.

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