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i love flowers in the springtime
I just finished making the donation to the American Cancer Society in Kim Manners' name.

The total amount was 1650.00, which is really astounding. Thank you so so much to everyone who gave. There were a total of 97 separate donations, ranging from $1.00 to over $100.00, and every cent is very much appreciated. Your generosity is inspiring.

I had a fit of nerves, and just used the generic message the Cancer Society provides.

The card says:
In Remembrance of
Kim Manners
a Memorial Gift has been made to
The American Cancer Society.
His Fans

It will be sent to the address the family requested, at the Warner Brothers' studio. If anyone would like the confirmation number for the donation, I'll be happy to provide. I received this message from the American Cancer Society, which really belongs to you all.

Thank you for your recent generous donation to the American Cancer Society. Your support in the fight against cancer will touch countless lives both in your own community and across the country. The American Cancer Society is working tirelessly to eradicate cancer and to ease the burden of those living with cancer. Without the support of people like you, this important work could not be done.

Thank you again for your support.

Elizabeth T. H. Fontham, MPH, DrPH
President, American Cancer Society, Inc.


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I'm going to continue to collect donations through Monday morning, so if you haven't contributed and you would like to, do so soon, please. [Here.] Also, you guys are seriously some of the most generous, wonderful people ever.

I have a question about where the money should go, though. We have word that the family has requested the money go to the American Cancer Society. [See here.] However, everyone gave on the assumption that the donation would be made in Kim Manners' memory to the American Lung Association.

I don't want to make this decision; if you donated, could you take a moment to pick where the money should go. They're both charities very worthy of the donation, of course, and I want this decision to be left up to you all.

Poll #1340963 Donation

The donation should be made to:

American Lung Association
American Cancer Society

Also, many people donated who are not reading this. If you all wouldn't mind linking people to this poll, so those who gave money can partake in the decision process, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks! ♥



i love flowers in the springtime
Okay, so here's the deal. I haven't seen anyone do this, yet, though I've seen talk of it, so I just figured I'd go ahead. I'm going to collect donations to make a contribution to the American Lung Association in Kim Manners' memory. This can be a fandom wide thing or a Supernatural fandom thing, or just for people on my flist. I'm not too concerned; I just want to do something.


Thanks to all those who donated! I'm no longer collecting money, but if you still want to give in Kim Manners' name, the family has asked that they be made to The American Cancer Society, and that any correspondence be sent to:
Holly Ollis
Warner Bros. Television
4000 Warner Blvd.
Bldg 140, Rm 115
Burbank, CA 91522

I really, really, really do not want this to become an issue, so if someone is already doing this, I have no problem giving them whatever money is collected. If people think we should send flowers and make a donation, please let me know. Or if you have any other suggestions, let me know as well. I won't be attaching personal names to this - mine included - and will probably just sign it generically from Kim's Fans (or something to that effect. I haven't really worked it all out yet).

Again, if you have any suggestions on how to proceed with this, I'm all ears. I'll probably collect donations through Thursday or Friday.


Jul. 25th, 2008

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There was a discussion on someone else's journal about fic titles, and how she always waits 'til the last minute to name her fics, and I was thinking about how *different* that is for me.

I usually can't start a story unless I have at least a working title for it. It might change during the writing process, but I usually can't *write* until I have something at the top.

What about you all? Do you have the title first? The fic first?

How do you title your stories? A theme in the story, from song lyrics, a poem?

When I first started writing, I would just name the stories very, very obvious things. (Um, an embarrassing example: 'Why I Kissed Her' - about, you know, why Harry kissed Ginny. SIGH) Now, I usually try to be a bit more clever. I don't know if I succeed, but.

'Home Steady,' for example, was supposed to be, like, 'homestead', combined with the word 'steady' to indicate Jared and Jensen falling into living together, and how easy and right it felt to them. Sometimes - for 'such a beautiful blank (but smooth it)' - I come up with the title well before I have any idea for the fic, and I base the fic around the title.

Do you prefer long titles or do you like 'em short and sweet?

As a reader, does the title ever turn you off from or on to a fic? I know for me, if the title is really, really sappy, and doesn't seem to be ironically so, I probably won't read the fic, because if the title is overly saccharine-like, chances are the fic will make me want to kill myself.

Poll #1229372 Titles

Favorite Title of Your Own Story

Favorite Title of Someone Else's Story


Fic Dump and Fic Recs

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First, the recs:

Harry Potter

A Season in December by iscaris. Oh so heartbreaking and beautiful and emotionally satisfying Harry/Cedric. AU after GoF. I've been waiting for her to finish so I could rec it to you all. Rated R.

and all our days remembered by nothingbutfic. *sobs* Cedric in his last moments, being...Cedric in his last moments. Gen.

Just Crash Here by mad_maudlin. A very drunk Hermione and a Ron who is trying to take care of her. So so funny.

Empty Womb, Empty Room by magnolia_mama. Ron and Hermione come to the realization that they can't have a child. Sad and beautiful and real.

Good Omens

Destructive Influences by Anonymous. I almost never read GO fic, but I was in the mood for Adult!Adam and I found this. The pairings are out there, but it works, and it's PG-13, so it's not graphic. It's very clever and in character and wonderful.


And now, a meme - about my 2005 FanFic. Stolen from everyone. :)

Fan fic/fan art I wrote/drew this year:

9 H/G one-shots (3, NC-17); 1 R/Hr one-shot, 1 Viktor/Cedric one-shot, 2 trio fics. A total of 25,500 words. (My Fanfiction total word count is 87,000 in a little over two years) Over half of that is post-HBP. I'm looking at my Flist, and am feeling woefully pathetic; you all are lapping me. flyingcarpet wrote over 50,000 words and magnolia_mama wrote over 70,000 words. hailiebu wrote 56 stories, whereas I wrote 13. I think my New Year's resolution will be to write more, and finish a multi-chaptered fic.

The Rest of the MemeCollapse )


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