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I posted fic! And I realized I no longer have an H/G icon. (How did that happen?)

Paper Flowers Never Die: Harry/Ginny; PG; 8500 words; written for takingitinturns
Ginny grows.
Read Here.
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I don't know how this happened, but I completely forgot to link to my smutty_claus fic this year. Better late than never, I guess. I had such fun writing this story. It was an idea that I've had in my head for YEARS, and I was finally given a prompt (and thus the push) to write it. Probably if you're going to read Ron/Pansy, you've already read this, but just in case:

Everything in this World: Ron/Pansy; 21,000 words; NC-17
Ron wakes up and the world is different.

Thank you to eviltish for the brit pick, and to flyingcarpet for the patient and thorough beta. ♥

Link to story.

fic | "a fork in the road" | J2 | R

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YES. THAT'S RIGHT. I'm posting a story. Try not to faint the from the shock of it all. I don't have any smelling salts.

A Fork in the Road. Jared's known Jensen since he was born. Jensen's his best friend. It's not uncomplicated.; 3500 words; R; AU.

Thank you to destina and glendaglamazon for making this story not embarrassing. I was feeling VERY rusty, and you two were amazing.

Um, this isn't quite like anything I've written before. It's a remix of the MARVELOUS indysaur’s Roads Well Traveled. And if you have not read that story, you are seriously missing out. This is a prequel of sorts to her story, and I must insist that you go read (or reread) her story as soon as you finish this. I was so pleased (and intimidated!) to be able to remix one of indysaur's stories, because I FANGIRL her like you would not believe!

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I posted a story yesterday, and then forgot to link you all to it.

This Space is a Gallery of You and Me
Harry Potter; H/G; 2800 words

Harry gets a hobby.

A/N: For flyingcarpet in the takingitinturns gift exchange. Thanks to lyras for the beta! *smooches*

Read it over here.

Fic - "The Long Haul" | J2 AU | PG-13

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The Long Haul
J2 AU; 2750 words; PG-13
Jensen hires a mover.

Random AU is random. Thank you so much to girlmostlikely, missyjack and larienelengasse for being amazing and wonderful and offering their help and advice so that this is an actual story and not merely a pile of stupid words on the computer screen. LOVE. You should probably all get co-author credit on this thing. I think we should all just be thankful I didn't title this: You Move Me.

Also, point of interest: this is my 1000th post. I didn't even PLAN THAT.

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I'm sorry for being all fic-spammy, but this one is important.

She Ain't Cautious
SPN/BUFFY crossover. Jo/Faith; PG-13; 3250 words
Jo hunts a werewolf. It doesn't go as planned.

Thanks to the wonderful missyjack for the helpful and quick beta. This is for flyingcarpet, on the occasion of your birthday, honey. You know you're one of my favorite people. I hope today is awesome! *smooches*

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Fic - "Cashmere" | J2 | G

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Hahaha. This is what happens when I'm left home alone to my own devices. Schmoop.

For lazy_daze, who wanted a story about Jared/Jensen and Jensen's soft cashmere sweater addiction and Jared's obsession with touching him when he wears them. I'm make no apologies for this. Think of it as my love!meme to you all.

J2; G; 750 words Read more...Collapse )


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True Hollywood Story; J2; 11,500 words; R
Living in Hollywood means sometimes giving up the things you want.

Thanks to larienelengasse and mediaville for the wonderful betas. Written for Sweet Charity. The person who purchased me would like to remain anonymous (I BOUGHT MYSELF, OKAY). The request was for a non-AU J2 when the show ends. There was more, but I won't say it for fear of giving away what little plot there is in this pile of domesticity. Enjoy!

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smutty_claus authors were announced. I was lucky enough to write for mickawber. My goal was to write something grown-up. This is what happened. [Here it is over at the SC.] I actually have a lot to say about this fic and what I wanted to do, but I'll leave that for a later date.

Time and Turn Enough; Ron/Pansy; 12,500 words; NC-17
Ron finds what he needs in the most unlikely place.

Thanks so so much to eviltish, salemdipity and lilyvalley73 for their awesome betaness! *smooches* Also, to flyingcarpet for running this fabulous fest yet again!

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