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I posted fic! And I realized I no longer have an H/G icon. (How did that happen?)

Paper Flowers Never Die: Harry/Ginny; PG; 8500 words; written for takingitinturns
Ginny grows.
Read Here.
hp | love story
I posted a story yesterday, and then forgot to link you all to it.

This Space is a Gallery of You and Me
Harry Potter; H/G; 2800 words

Harry gets a hobby.

A/N: For flyingcarpet in the takingitinturns gift exchange. Thanks to lyras for the beta! *smooches*

Read it over here.
hp | love story

The Grown-Up Driver
Harry Potter; Harry/Ginny; 2700 words
Harry and Ginny, a car and the open road.

Notes: You know how in Dawson's Creek Joey and Pacey run away from it all, on a boat, just the two of them? Yeah, this is kinda Harry and Ginny's version of that. Also, this is the second story in a row I've written that involves travel; I think I have some major wanderlust happening. Much love to eviltish, akissinacrisis, and earlofcardigans for the beta and Brit-pick work!

Written for flyingcarpet's Changing Seasons gift exchange. A gift for the lovely irislock! I hope you enjoy, honey! It's probably the most overtly romantic thing I've written in, like, ever.

It begins with an offhand comment.Collapse )
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Yippie! smutty_claus authors have been revealed! This is mine! (right here!). If I may be not at all humble for a moment, I must say that I love the story I wrote. It's one of my favorite HP stories I've written, and certainly my best H/G. I was really pleased with its reception.

Plus, I got to write for reallycorking, who is made of awesome, and so kind and TALENTED. And it was a joy!

Title: such a beautiful blank (but smooth it)
Author: pocketfullof
Recipient: reallycorking
Word Count: 12,500
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Summary: Ginny picks a rose, and her world spins out of control.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: This fic was very loosely inspired by tale of Tam Lin, somewhat more inspired by the film Groundhog Day, and named for a line in Sylvia Plath's poem Amnesiac.

Thanks to my betas: flyingcarpet for being her amazing self and going over more than one version of this and being all helpful and fab. alissomora, who read this even though she's not an H/G fan and did a lovely Brit pick for me and was super supportive! And bibliophile20 for giving this a last read-through! Thank you so much, you all. *smishes*

part oneCollapse )
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Variations on a Theme: Five Ways Ginny Weasley Never Hunted Horcruxes.

Enough by aibhinn
Contusion by poseida9
Helping Destiny by flyingcarpet
Undeliverable by maegunnbatt
True Love's Kiss and All That by pocketfullof

I can't believe how excited I am about this. It's been in the works for months and months.

Title: "True Love's Kiss and All That." Summary: Ginny will do whatever it takes to ensure Harry's happiness. Word Count: 3700 Notes: Thanks first of all to poseida9 for the wonderful beta. *hugs you*. Thanks to the lovery flyingcarpet for the fabby idea. And thank you to all the talented ladies who participated. Seriously, go read their stories. These are some of the best writers H/G has to offer!

Angst ahead. You have been warned.

Tom laughs quietly. “Is sacrifice ever really worth it?”Collapse )

Fic: H/G - R

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smutty_claus authors were announced yesterday. Here's mine!

Title: Thaw. Rating: Hard R. Pairing: H/G Word Count: 1050 Notes: Thank you to ohginnyfan and velvethope for the wonderful beta job. A huge bear hug to flyingcarpet for running the exchange and for being so fabulous. Feedback is, as always, appreciated.

"You imagine you will never be warm again." - this link goes right to Checkmated.

H/G Fic - "Wild Watermelon"

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My Fic for the hpgw_otp Colors of the Rainbow Challenge.

Warning: Pure H/G fluff, which I've been in the mood for. Unbeta'd. Rating: Everyone. Word count: 700

A missing moment from HBP: Wild WatermelonCollapse )

Fic: "Centripetal Force" - H/G, NC-17

pretty devil child
Title: Centripetal Force
Pairing: H/G
Summary: "Her eyes drift up and lock on him. Harry drains the rest of his ale, and smiles."
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Not mine, so very, very not mine.
Notes: Thank you to rdprice29 for the quick and lovely beta. I think this is the first H/G smut I've written since HBP. No wonder it's angsty.
For velvethope, who was having a bad day and I promised her smut. She then left a comment in my journal that was so kind it made me cry, and had I not already promised to write her H/G smut, I certainly would have after that.

Centripetal ForceCollapse )

Number Challenge Fic: "No More." H/G - G

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*does the on time dance*

Written for the hpgw_otp 200 Member Challenge.

Title: "No More"
Pairing: H/G
Word count: 650
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Author Notes: Thank you so much to ohginnyfan for the quick and wonderfully helpful beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine, and more than likely something she told me to correct, which I failed to do.
Dedicated to: ohginnyfan, because she rocks my socks off. *hugs you*
Warning: Fluffy bunnies and pink hearts kinda fic.
Feedback: You should know by now that I'm a review whore.
Fic: No MoreCollapse )


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