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Fic: Ron/Hermione - 'Unplanned Futures'

Here's my first fic for the 'Make Jen Write a Story' extravaganza. It would have been up much earlier, but I had a bit of an issue this morning involving 5 inches of snow, a printer that refused to print, and a disc that refused to open.

On the plus side, I'm really, really, really all done with school now!

I leave for the airport in a few hours, and I'm pretty sure my flight will be delayed, but I'm armed with many books and many new fics to write. If you need some fun things to read, check out...well, this post. But also check out hpgw_otp's challenge. There are 20 or so fics there. I haven't yet made it to all of them (I will!), but I'm certain they're all amazing.

And now, for wm_law2003. Fic: Unplanned Futures. Pairing: Ron/Hermione. Rating: PG-13, at most. Summary: The war is over. Are they ready to grow up? Warnings: Unbeta'd, about 1500 words (which means it probably should have been beta'd). I'm pretty sure you wanted something funny, and this isn't, and it's not *quite* what you asked for (I'm bad at following directions), although the general idea is there. And It's fluffy.

Unplanned Futures