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I can't even remember how to make bullet points for this thing anymore.

1) A teacher quit mid-quarter - about three weeks ago, which is always so annoying. I totally get that people hate their job or just find a better one or whatever, and if it was just about screwing the employers, I'd say, "Go for it!" It ends up screwing the students more than anything, though. So, I've picked up three of these classes left over because I am a pushover. I'm in the classroom 38 hours a week, which doesn't include ANY prep time or driving time (as I work as two different campuses). All this that means any free time I may have had in my life went out the door last week. Basically, I've worked about 60 hours each week for the past two weeks. The good news is there are only two weeks left for the quarter and I said the only way I would agree to this is if I got a week of extra vacation time. Which will come in handy as I have a wedding coming up. This also means I'm taking the whole weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas off! \0/ (The bad news is that I have 3 fourteen hour days in a row. By the time Friday rolls around, I'm pretty much dead to the world.)

2) This is topped off with the fact that I started back at my own school this week, as well. I'm taking a Linguistics class: The History of the English Language. The professor is hot. And English. SIGH. The course load for the class feels much more like an undergrad class than grad, with, like, EXAMS. Other than my qualifying exam for my first MA many years ago, I haven't been examined for YEARS. This should be interesting. There's a research paper but it's only 10 pages. The class is also just cool. I'm a word nerd.

3) My next quarter at work also seems pretty light. From what I can tell I might not have any night classes (a first in the four years I've been teaching), and I might only be at one campus (also a first), AND they're all classes I've taught before. I might have an easy load - even with working full time and being back in school.

I'm certain I will think of a way to rectify this. I do have a wedding to plan, I guess.

4) I've gotten back into running lately. Two of my toenails fell off. It's gross.

5) lyras wrote me a ficlet for a drabble request thing she did. It made me cry (in a good way). Check it out. At the End [Will/Lyra - His Dark Materials fic].

6) Ooh, speaking of reading, I just finished Heist Society, by Ally Carter. YA in the manner of Ocean's 11, with a totally charming female protagonist. SO CUTE. I'm saving the sequel for when the quarter is over.

7) And perhaps most important of all: The Vampire Diaries starts back up in exactly three weeks. I have the night off. I'm kicking the boy out of the house, ordering Chinese, marathoning the final couple episodes of last season, and all around having a Jen!night. It's very exciting.

Well hello there!

Happy new year, folks! I declare 2010 the year of Jen! We'll see how it goes.

I never follow through on resolutions, so I'm not making any. If I had some *goals*, however (completely, different, by the way), I would like to get serious about practicing yoga, run another half marathon, and call my parents once a week. Sadly, I think the last one will be the most difficult. I am so bad about keeping in touch with people. I think it's because I'm very, very self involved.

ALSO: hpgw_otp is hosting its FIFTH annual Best Of Awards. Go nominate outstanding fics here!

Lastly, because I'm curious! (The results are closed, but I'll put a list up of favs.)

What was your favorite smutty_claus '09 story?

What story do you think I wrote for smutty_claus '09?

I promise not to be AT ALL offended if your favorite was not mine. Mine was not my favorite this year by many, many miles. I'm just curious. A drabble to anyone who can figure it out!


I hope everyone's holiday season is going well. I have been basically the worst LJ/internet/fandom friend EVER. I have barely been able to check my email in a week.

boring update of my lifeCollapse )


Who has two thumbs and finally has internet access again?


Also, I forgot to brush my teeth this morning (no, really, WHO DOES THAT), and I lost my keys.

It's going to be that kind of day. Oi.

Someday soon I'll show you all pictures of my pretty new house!

Aug. 2nd, 2009

I'M MOVING TODAY. Well, I've been moving all weekend, but today is actual moving truck day. It's just my bff Josh, my boyfriend (? - I think he's my boyfriend, now. I have a toothbrush - that he bought for me - at his place, and he told me to leave my contact stuff in his drawer.), and I doing the heavy lifting. Come this evening, I'll have real internet access again. I see light_up posted fic. I think that will be my reward.


You guys! Are Jared and Jensen from TEXAS? I FORGET.

I biffed it while I was out running today. It's this really great day - like, 65 and sunny - and I was running past ALL these PEOPLE, and feeling really good and my run was going well and I was all fast and happy, so OF COURSE, I fall down on the sidewalk and scrape my knees and my hands. pic of my bloody knee - it doesn"t look all that bad cleaned up, but there is BLOOD, if that"s not your thingCollapse )

That's how life works. And then all these people were, "Oh GOD are you OKAY?!?" and I mostly wanted to go curl up in a hole with my mortified, clumsy self, but I was 3 miles from home, so I had to limpy-run my way home with blood running down my leg. Ahaha. HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME.

I am determined to finish this Harry/Ginny piece by the end of this weekend. Can I line up a beta/brit-picker now? Or more than one? *bats eyelashes*

I have over 100 comments to answer, and a story written FOR ME that I want to go read, but first! shower! And lunch! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Mar. 24th, 2009



That is all.

Oh, wait, no, it's not. Also, thank you for being so awesome. Things... sort of suck right now, but you're all pretty fantastic.

I'm going to bed even though it's only 9, because that's my life at the moment.

But I ♥ you.
So, I was rereading old journal entries. (I don't have the attention span to write but I can piss away an hour reading old DEAR DIARY moments. WHAT?). I was reading all of my old entries from grad school and how stressed I was, and I sort of... miss it? I MISS SCHOOL.

I think I want to go back. I sort of always assumed I'd get my doctorate.

I finally have a career I love. I'm making actual MONEY. I have credit card bills to pay off and massive school loans. I like my life here. I like my friends and my apartment and my coworkers and my familiar bars and my grocery store. Academia is INSANE; I hate all the pretension and the stress. I dislike the bureaucracy and DID I MENTION THE PRETENSION. (AHAHA. That RHYMED.) I don't know if I like any subject enough to spend four solid years immersed in it.

But I miss learning.


somebody talk to me

It's Friday night and instead of going out with my friends I decided to be responsible and stay in because I have to go into work at 9 AM. I thought one of the perks of a teaching position was NO WORK ON SATURDAYS. SIGH. We had so many snow days that we're giving our students an open lab/studio day and I have to be there. Plus, we're doing this design competition for a float design in the Reds opening day parade (SOON), and we have to judge it. (SERIOUSLY. I am scared of this. I don't want to JUDGE MY STUDENTS.) And then because I am awesome I told my students I would take them the museum after. So.

I might go see Danneel's movie by myself after. DOES THAT MAKE ME A DORK? DO I CARE?

Also, I just made peanut butter cookies to take into work tomorrow and the VERY BEST BLACK BEAN SOUP EVER. Seriously. SO DAMN GOOD. I am awesome.

I have things to rec, but instead, a meme:

From enablelove:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

The subjects were: Strawberries, Obama, Recs!, understated romance, Jared/Jensen realistic fic.

elaborations hereCollapse )

ANYWAY. Comment! Because I'm bored and I don't feel like writing even though that's what I should probably be doing.

a bunch of random points.

>>I have a new work schedule this quarter, and it's messing with my sleep patterns (which are not all that great to begin with), so I decided to take my TV out of the bedroom, as they say that's a big no no. Of course, now I've started taking my laptop into bed to keep me company and watching old Will and Grace episodes while I fall asleep. Way to completely MISS THE POINT, JENNIFER.

>>And in an entirely unrelated note. Re: That interview where Jared pretty much admits to cock-blocking Danneel? He looks so... mature. I'm all warm and fuzzy and proud of him. OUR BOY IS GROWING UP.

>>I am annoyed when I read a story that gets Jared and/or Jensen's eye color wrong, and I notice it immediately. I sometimes sort of hate myself that I know their eye colors off the top of my head.

>>I didn't see My Bloody Valentine. I won't go see Friday the 13th. I HATE HORROR MOVIES. I'm very glad both boys are in movies that everyone's so excited about and movies that are getting press coverage and giving them some recognition, but I am way too much of a wimp to actually support them. BAD FANGIRL, THY NAME IS JEN.

I hope that you all who do the midnight thing have fun with giant(er)!sized Jared!


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