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I read a LOT of fic this week!

taste your change in men by fleshflutter, for salt_burn_porn: J2; NC-17; 2500 words.

Jared in fishnets. I don't think I need to say anymore.

But What a Lovely Way to Burn by lazy_daze, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; NC-17; 3600 words;

This is intense and desperate and needy and so very crazy hot!

Will I Look Back and Say by rivers_bend, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; NC-17; 3000 words; Dean's never been to a college party, but he never imagined they would be like this one.

This is really atmospheric and beautiful. It feels like old-school fic, which I miss miss miss a lot.

How I Wish It Would Rain (Down on Me) by veronamay, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; R; 3000 words; It's the wet season, but it hasn't rained here in weeks.

This is intensely atmospheric, too. The heat just sizzles off the computer screen.

One Step by Anon, for ficadron: Ron/Draco (\0/); NC-17; 13,000 words.

This makes me remember why I love HP fandom. Sort of AU, but could be a missing moment from book 7. After Ron leaves Harry and Hermione, he finds Draco bruised and battered, and he nurses him back to health. Snarky and hot! Though be warned that this deals with past physical and sexual abuse.

Protective Measures by Anon, for smutty_claus: Neville/Ginny; NC-17; 10,000 words; After the war is over, Neville and Ginny attempt to pick up the pieces.

This is full of some really lovely longing. I especially love the back story of Neville and Ginny during Neville's seventh year.

A Little Sideways by Anon, for smutty_claus: Luna/Cedric; 9000 words; NC-17; Cedric was never as dead as everyone thought. All he needed was one person to see him.

This is probably my favorite of the fest so far. The premise is so interesting, and Cedric's longing and loneliness are so palpable.

ART: The Potion Master's Apprentice by Anon, for smutty_claus: Snape/Hermione; NOT WORK SAFE.

Guh. The colors and the details make this gorgeous.

Shall We Dance by Anon, for smutty_claus: Harry/Ginny; NC-17; 4,600 words; Tonight, we tango!

This was just fun! Harry and Ginny on holiday in Argentina! The little touches of Spanish and the atmosphere really make this fic.

Upon the Midnight Clear by Anon, for smutty_claus: Draco/Hermione; 4,300 words; NC-17; Years after the war, things have changed. Hermione meets Draco at a Christmas party and goes home with him to make a little music.

I rec this because I enjoyed it, and I thought it was very well written. My only caveat would be that it came a touch too close to Ron!bashing for my tastes, but I'm maybe over sensitive about that. It was still really well done, though. Draco, in particular, was handled more sensitively than he usually is.

Lose Your Mind by Anon, for smutty_claus: Harry/Megan Jones; NC-17; 3,300 words: Things never seem to go according to plan with Megan, but Harry always enjoys the results.

I have no idea who Megan Jones is, and I'm always bemused when people request such minor characters, but the author did a good job with the character. Megan is fun loving and vibrant and I might have imagined she was Ginny, and this was a very enjoyable read.

I actually have more to rec, but I have to stop here for now. DEFINITELY check out smutty_claus if you have any free time. It's always my favorite time of year, when I find myself reading all sorts of interesting characters!

the beads on your soul are pearly

I consider myself awesome enough to have arch-nemeses, but not important enough for them to actually know who I am. Like, Ashton Kutcher. My irrational dislike of him is totally, well, irrational, but if I was ever in the same room with him, I'd so take that bitch down. Only not really, 'cause I'm 5'3" and clock in at about 100 lbs, and he could step on me - but, you know. Theoretically.

Who's your arch-nemesis? Do they know?

I've decided from now on I'm going to just make up really weird, arbitrary subject lines. Just for fun.

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother's death. It's so strange how much I still miss her. I actually found myself having an all out ten-minute sob fest the other day after watching an episode of Scrubs (YES. I KNOW), which I haven't done since maybe a week after her death. To make matters much much worse, my grandfather got into a bad car accident over the weekend (not his fault, but...), and an 80 year-old woman in the other car was killed (and, god, I can't even imagine what her family must be going through) and then he fell down the next day and cracked his head open and had to get stitches. And this all happened so near the 1 year anniversary of his wife's death. It's breaking my heart. He's going to have to go into assisted living soon (he has Parkinson's), and if I had any say in the matter (which I do not, because the youngest grandchild never does), I'd move him into my guest bedroom. I just want to keep him safe, and also have him near me, because I miss him. I can't decide if it's worse to watch him suffer like this, or the thought of him gone completely.

Jesus, I'm depressing.

Why don't I leave you with some recs? I have more, too, but I don't want to code at work, and this is what I had done this morning.

multi-fandom: HP, SPN, RPF, MerlinCollapse )

Also, there was fic from me, both yesterday and today.

She Ain't Cautious - a Faith/Jo girl slash thing that's not at all porny, and Cashmere - a J2 schmoop fest that doesn't totally count as fic as I was just bored and wrote something short and, well, schmoopy.

random stuff is really, um, random

Is there a movie or a TV show where there's a sorority or whatever that call themselves the Puffs? And when you're in you're fully puffed? WHY CAN'T I THINK OF IT? I know it exists. NEVER MIND. Of course it's from Gilmore Girls. (thanks, Tosca!)

Also, while I'm here:

Go check out hpgw_otp's Best Of 2008 post. Nominate your favorite H/G fics! I always feel sort of bad about this stuff, considering I never really write H/G anymore. I mean I wrote ONE H/G fic this year and I'm the mod of the community. Oi. (Admittedly, I think it was probably my best fic ever, but still...)

Two quick recs:

Highway Signs by flyingcarpet. Dean/Jo. Short and lovely. A grown-up Jo!

Win Win Situation by mediaville. Longish J2. SO HOT. Seriously. Find a quiet alone place to read it.

It's eleven and I haven't even started in on my to-do list for the day and I DON'T CARE. *lazes*

Also, because I'M BORED AND UNMOTIVATED. A snippet of the J2 story I'm working on. Totally un-beta'd; about 300 words. Maybe this will motivate me to finish it today:
some j2 sexual tennnsssiiioooonCollapse )




Sometimes I think about that and smile.


Also, have some recs Read more...Collapse )

Friday recs, among other things...

Some weekend reading, SPN, Merlin, and Smutty_claus:Collapse )

In other news, Happy Friday. I officially start my job, full time with salary and benefits, on Monday, and I'm so very ready. (I've been there since before I graduated, but now it'll be full time.) It was the first time I'd ever negotiated, well, anything before, but certainly a salary. Exciting. A few months ago I was offered a job at the museum, and this job pays over double what they were offering me. All of my friends who I graduated with or who were in the years ahead of me had to take second part time jobs to live, and I'm lucky enough that I don't have to. (It turns out having an MA in Art History doesn't get you much cash. WHO KNEW?) I'm not, like, going to be able to pay off my school loans in one year or anything (rather, ten), but I'm at least going to be able to get my CC paid off in a timely manner and start putting a little money in a savings account. And they're going to pay for me to go back to school and get a second Masters! 100% of my tuition. It's all very exciting. I'm so ready to stop worrying about money. Also, benefits. I'm making a dentist and a doctors and an eye doctors appointment immediately.

Here, have a couple holiday songs:
Silent Night by Christina Aguilera. I don't care if it makes me a dork, this is one of my ultimate holiday songs (second only to White Christmas by Otis Redding, I think). Her voice gives me happy shivers.

Do You Hear What I Hear by Copeland. The first time I got this, I think I listed to it 5 times in a row. I don't even know why, but I love it.

My goal when I get off work is to finish putting up my decorations & addressing my holiday cards!

Oh My God

Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin - when they didn't think they were on air.

Murphy: It's not gonna work.
Noonan: The most qualified? No. I think they went for the, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives.

video behind cutCollapse )


Also, okay, MSNBC cracks me up - mostly how they often YELL AT EACH OTHER on their news shows. But this is too funny. Halperin has a (very-crudely) drawn chart of five reason why Palin is under media scrutiny here. I think he's probably right, but I LOVE that he had to draw a chart. On notebook paper. Ahahahaha. I wish I knew how to take screen caps. For some reason, I can't stop watching this video, and every time the chart comes up, I cackle.

What else? Um, a couple of insta-recs!

The Affection is the Entertainment by lazy_daze. NC-17. 5000 words. Cute, dating J2 fic, all awkward and adorable!

the truth is, you live until you die by rejeneration. Okay. This? Go read it. Less than 1000 words, but it feels epic and wide, and it's so beautiful it made me catch my breath. So amazing.

I feel like every post I make lately is political. I am sorry, especially if it's not your thing. I have a lot of time on my hands, lately.

Also, I've been watching Alias a lot. Jack Bristow - most awesome dad ever? Y/Y?


Two quick Sunday recs, both under 1000 words.

Ain't Scared of Lightning by laurificus. J2. Cute little kissing fic. Short and sweet.

Sere by aynslee. Sam/Dean (ish). Takes place just after the Pilot. Sammy is so beautifully broken.

And not a fic rec, but The Midnight Sun commentary by cleolinda. You'll choke with laughter, I swear. (If you have been living under a rock and missed any of her other commentaries, here they are.)

I'm sort of bored. I really should be writing, but I'm too antsy. Instead a meme, stolen from many of you. This one is kind of ego-centric, and I'm always wary of doing things like this, because I feel stupid when no one responds, but: In comments, tell me: What's YOUR favorite story that I've written, and why?


I inadvertently signed up for a love meme. I swear. I was just commenting to hear why wendy loved me. I AM AGAINST LOVE MEMES. Except this one made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Dammit.

You know what else made me feel warm and fuzzy?

This!Collapse )

THESE BOYS MAKE ME HAPPY, you guys. And I've had a really shitty couple of weeks, but these boys, even when it's totally staged for the camera? I ADORE THEM.

Have some recs:

Cartography For Beginners by light_up: J2, 4500 words. So soft and intimate and just really, really wonderful. SIGH.

But you’re so busy changing the world (just one smile and you could change all of mine) by jonny_vrm: Sam/Dean. Adult. Gorgeous and achy.

Seven Tastes by rejeneration: Sam/Dean, Hard R. Short, but very powerful.

Five Things Sam Wishes He Didn't Know About Himself by missyjack. Poignant and honest and achy. Just gorgeous. Apparently MJ can break my heart as easily as she can make me laugh.

thehighwaywoman's J2 AUs of Scrubs. HILARIOUS and HOT new 'verse, that happens to be a REMAKE of Scrubs. So good.

Finally Home by nomelon: J2. Shooting starts up again, and Jensen comes home. Lovely.

Five Times Jensen Lies (And One Time He Doesn't) by villiageidiot. More of those lovely, very honest Five Times fics.

Get Used to It by fourteencandles: Vince/Eric. A continuation of her Here's Us Together 'verse, which I LOVE. This is so freaking happy. Just. DAMN.


I am really, really, really in the mood for coming out fics. Anyone have any recs?


Finally, a random rec: Sir Ken Robinson talks about creativity and education. Funny and smart. If you have a free 15 minutes and are interested in education at all, check it out. ( Thanks to larienelengasse for the heads up on this.)

ALSO. I forgot! My thesis was FINALLY officially published online today. It is now up for public consumption. Poor, poor public.

fandom go boom

I posted a fic on Sunday. (Here.) I actually really enjoyed this fic - I liked writing it; I think it's decent. I'm still FLABBERGASTED by the feedback, though. You people, you are awesome!

Then, also on Sunday, we had lots of fun con reports. I was watching a video that simultaneously made me really sad and made me laugh a bit - one girl who called meeting Jensen Ackles the best day of her life, and man, if saying hi to a celebrity and maybe getting him to sign something without actual conversation and sex and possibly him declaring his undying devotion to you is the best day in your life? That makes me sad. I don't mean to offend anyone, but. WOW.

I also watched a video where someone told Jensen, TO HIS FACE, that they loved him. OH GOD. AWKWARD. I was so embarrassed I had to turn the video off. Why? WHY? WHY? *shudders*

While I'm on the subject of crazy Jensen fangirls (Of which I am one. Just the kind that's afraid to get within 200 yards of him.)...

People, fandom is not going to shut down. Relax. Though I have to say that maybe the best way to... (apologize?) explain yourself to the actor you obviously offended is not to get defensive and swear at him/his people. Just a thought. I do feel bad for everyone involved, though, and a little... disappointed that there are people in the world with so little sense of humor, though I must admit to not knowing the whole story.

To take your minds off it, a couple of recs:
Veterans of the Psychic Wars by kalireynn and kellwyntar. 45,000 words of J2 AU that is epic in every sense of the word. The world they've created is marvelous, and the writing is sharp. NC-17. Will read again.

Tickled by lazy_daze. SO. FREAKING. CUTE. J2, PG, maybe, and very short. I've already read this three times. I can't get over how DARLING it is.

Some Kind of Monster by flyingcarpet. Dean/Faith (so, Buffy/SPN crossover). Tightly written, and HOT. 22,000 words.

If you like Entourage fic, or want to read Entourage fic, check out fourteencandles' Eric/Vince fic. I spent this weekend mainlining it.

I think causeway said it best when she described Vince/Eric as a really really fictional J2. How we imagine them anyway - very codependent. :D

junk with stuff

Don't you hate it when you read a really really long story (like, say, over 30,000 words) and all the while you think it's going to end with your OTP, and then it DOESN'T? And even if maybe it ends kinda realistically, and it was written really well, and was funny and entertaining, you sort of feel duped, because sometimes realistic is not what you need. You need romantic and sappy, and SERIOUSLY, when your OTP is the first pairing listed, and those two never actually get it on alone? I feel tricked. Sam/Dean is one of those pairings that I need happily ever after for, I guess. Probably because they've just been through so much, and I just freaking want them happy. But also, I need for them to have their happily ever after ALL BY THEMSELVES. GO AWAY, OTHER PERSON.

Also, while I'm ranting. Word counts, people. USE THEM. KNOW THEM. LOVE THEM. Tell me what I'm getting into, please and thank you.

SIGH. Anyhoodle. Some fic recs: here, all big bangCollapse )


I had all this stuff to talk about - about how my job is kicking my ass, but I love it. I love teaching more than I thought I would, and it's so so fulfilling, and every time one of my students answers me I am AGLOW WITH HAPPINESS.

And it's FRIDAY, and I have beer and friends waiting for me, and I have a looong J2 AU almost done, and it's the longest thing I've ever written, and I LIKE IT.

Also, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe. I dropped a jar on it, and HOLY CRAP. I can barely walk, let alone run, and it's sort of fucking with my chi to not be able to run, but I am dealing with it.

So, whatever. I love you all. I feel sort of disconnected from fandom, but word around the grapevine is that's pretty common these days.

OH! You all should check out hpgw_otp's Fortune Cookie Messages Challenge. Fun times. I don't think I'm gonna get to write one, because every single prompt I wanted got snapped up in the first day, but there might be something there for YOU.

Finally - I'll shut up soon, I promise - is there any word yet on SPN's official season premier date? I've been hearing different things, and I want to know how long the agony wait will be.


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