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PEOPLE. Life is BUSY and affords me no time to write, even though I have, like, A MILLION IDEAS. This makes me SAD.


Also, I don't really have time to read. BUT. A few recs, some of which I've been meaning to rec for over a month. Non-big bang, for those who need something quick and dirty lovely. I think all of them are under 10,000 words. Most are NC-17, probably.

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I'm Yours. Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen. DO NOT DENY THAT THEY ARE IN LOVE.

Should I not mention that up until this weekend I thought Jason Mraz and Jason Manns were the same person? I FAIL, clearly.

Wow. That got a lot longer than I expected. I actually have more to rec, but that'll have to wait.

Um, does anyone have a copy of Counting Crows Colorblind I can have?


ALSO. WHY HAVEN'T YOU PEOPLE TOLD ME ABOUT THE BBC'S VERSION OF ROBIN HOOD?!?! OMG LOOOOVEEE. I watched the first two discs and I WANT MORE. So perfect. I think I might take a break from lesson plans and watch them again. HIS SMILE, you all. It does things to me. And Marianne's eyes are so PRETTY.


I also hear there's a guy named Jared Padalecki who's maybe making panties burst into flame. Am I hearing this correctly? Do you have proof?

don't you cry tonight

Friday Recs:

First off:

This video. OH HOLY CRAP. They'll Never Know by SuperFreakSummer. OH GOD DEAN, you beautiful, broken boy. I've watched this five times, and cried every single time, and yet I can't stop watching. *sobs*

the little deli & grocery around the corner by regala_electra. A very, very darling J2 AU, just lovely and warm.

A Little Hopeful, A Little Lucky by laurificus. More schmoopy J2 fic. WHEE!

Chocolate Shakes and Pecan Pie by rivers_bend. Warnings for Adult and Weecest, and yet it's still so schmoopy and sweet! YAY!

i will rock you

You know when you get a new boyfriend/girlfriend and you're stupid with infatuation and all lit up from the inside and you annoy everyone around you with your super bright smiles and your glow-y skin and your need to talk about them. all. the. time?

That's rather how I feel about Supernatural.

So, some recs for my shiny new fandom.

Smile by Hay1ock. This makes me giddy. They are so PRETTY OMG I CAN'T HANDLE IT. I want everyone on my flist to watch this. Even if you've never seen the show. It'll make you want to see the show.

when the world ends by freedam. Achy and hurty and insanely beautiful.

Carry Me Over the Sky by killabeez. (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Oh, Dean.

Days Like This by killabeez. (Gen, - SPN/Angel crossover). Wonderful Dean!voice, and a wonderful study of both Dean and Angel, with some great Dean and Sam moments through someone else's eyes.

Ink by norah. (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Mad hot. Gorgeous prose. Lovely insight. Trust me, you'll thank me.


Does anyone know if there is a Crossover community for Supernatural?