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flyingcarpet and I decided to close hpgw_otp. It's been a long time coming, I think. Sometimes we don't update for weeks at a time, and both of us are sort of moving on from fandom for various reasons. But, seriously, I've been sort of WEEPY about it. I think it's rather fitting that we're closing the newsletter when the final movie is coming out on DVD - sort of the end of the HP franchise.

Harry Potter was my first fandom. Harry/Ginny my first fandom love: the first stories I read; the first stories I wrote; the first forums I participated in; the first members of fandom I considered my friends. Specifically, flyingcarpet, who I don't think of a fandom friend, but merely my friend.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm far too busy to have much to do with fandom right now - though I hope that changes someday. Fandom has been with me now for over ten years. It's seen me through so many difficult times and even more wonderful times. It's made me feel accepted and loved. It's made me angry sometimes in a way only things you're really invested in can. It's made me laugh and cry and jump up and down and throw my hands up in disgust and it's made me SQUEEEE like nothing else in the world.

I'm not saying goodbye to fandom, but with the closing of hpgw_otp, I did want to say thank you. I am the person I am today because of fandom. Because of you. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Fic recs! Woot!

So, like, I did this thing where I, like, read stories. On the internet. And now I'm recommending them for you all to read. Red letter day, here.

They're all Temeraire stories. What little there is of Temeraire fic seems to consist mostly of Tharkay/Laurence or Granby/Laurence - and if I ship Laurence with anyone, it's Jane (or Temeraire, but - you know - in a non-sexual sort of way), so these are all mostly gen. Mostly, I just want to read about dragons and their love for humans, and vice versa.

A Room with a View by hollimichele: Perscitia learned a great many things, after the invasion.
Next to Temeraire, Perscitia is my favorite dragon. She's like the dragon version of Hermione Granger. And this captures her gorgeously.

A Hole in the World, by sahiya: There is a hole in the world, and it cannot be filled.
Temeraire grieves. My heart breaks. It's achy in the best possible way.

First Crossing, by Novembersmith.
This has been jossed by the last book, but it's still darling. Temeraire has a dragonette, and she chooses a captain. Sort of.

A Woman of Character, by Fyre: Jane Roland is foremost an Aviator, but she is also a woman. Sometimes, people forget that. Sometimes, even she does.
A nice little character study of Jane, who is awesome beyond words.

Also, if you haven't read the Temeraire Series yet and are looking for something new and addictive, I suggest you march yourself to the bookstore this instant. The last book in the series - number six, I think - wasn't really up to par with the first couple in the series, but still very engaging. I've even gotten the boy to start reading them, and he's quite enamoured - and he much prefers non-fiction to fiction - but Temeraire (the dragon and the books) is quite seductive.

I think I see some Harry Potter fics calling my name. What it is about autumn that makes me want to read fanfiction?
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fic | everything in this world | pansy/ron | nc-17

I don't know how this happened, but I completely forgot to link to my smutty_claus fic this year. Better late than never, I guess. I had such fun writing this story. It was an idea that I've had in my head for YEARS, and I was finally given a prompt (and thus the push) to write it. Probably if you're going to read Ron/Pansy, you've already read this, but just in case:

Everything in this World: Ron/Pansy; 21,000 words; NC-17
Ron wakes up and the world is different.

Thank you to eviltish for the brit pick, and to flyingcarpet for the patient and thorough beta. ♥

Link to story.
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More recs

My favorite thing about smutty_claus is the new pairings I'm introduced to. This batch of recs has pairings I might never read otherwise. There are many more over there, as well, that I haven't got to yet, that look really interesting. Give some of these new pairings a chance, and I think you might be pleasantly surprised!

The Mooncalf and the Quibbler by Anon, at smutty_claus: NC-17; Luna/Zacharias; 19,000 words; After losing his temper to a series of provocations, a very reluctant Zach is sentenced to doing community service at The Quibbler.

One of my favorites, so far. Really lovely. Luna is human in ways very rarely seen in fic, and Zach is awesome. This is a slow, coming together fic (my favorite kind!) and it completely sucked me in.

Ride the Drafts in Empty Bedrooms by Anon, at smutty_claus. Snape/Narcissa; NC-17; 3000 words; Severus is well aware that some of his housemates tend to turn to the liquid comfort of Firewhisky and gin after being so totally rejected; it is now his turn to turn to the sweet assurances of liquid luck.

The writing in this is really beautiful, and I love love love Narcissa's character.

Candles For Remembrance by Anon, at smutty_claus. George/Angelina; NC-17; 4000 words; A year after Fred’s death, George and Angelina spend a night together, even though neither one of them has fully dealt with his loss.

I especially like how adult this is, with people making mistakes and no easy answers. Wonderful!

Shaped by the Places We Inhabit by Anon, for smutty_claus: Katie/Draco, Katie/Viktor; NC-17; 3,800 words; Moving completely through your life makes you whole. . .so they say. For some people it’s just a short trip back to where they started.

This a surprise favorite fic so far this year. I love how... straightforward and honest with herself Katie is in this. I also really like the style of this. I have a confession to make in that I often skip over porn in stories (I KNOW.), but this was really hot and not too much! Wonderful.
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I am very behind on my holiday reading, but a few recs for you.

Most important! For me!

A Life Closed Twice Before It's Close by Anon, in smutty_claus. Harry/Ginny; R; 5500 words. On Halloween, a recurring figment comes back to Harry’s life.

I'm a little remiss for not reccing this earlier, but life got away from me last week. (Finals. Ugh. They're no fun for the teacher either, I assure you.) BUT. If you have not read this yet, drop what you're doing and do so. It's... perfect! Honeslty. I don't want to give too much away, but it's a little creepy in the best possible way, and so gorgeously written. It's really a gem of a story. Ginny's characterization is just how I imagine her to be: warm, funny, feisty, a little sarcastic. And she and Harry have this very intimate moment at the beginning of this, and intimacy is HUGE KINK of mine. This is divine! (Side note: I first wrote the title as "A Life Closed Twice Before It'S Divine," which was a major Freudian slip.)

A Prefect's Privilege by Anon, for smutty_claus. Tonks/Charlie; NC-17; 4300 words. It's a prefect's privilege to take house points when he feels it's appropriate. But even prefects aren’t immune to a bit of persuasion.

I love the reversal here. So often, I've read Tonks/Weasley boy fics at Hogwarts where Tonks is this shy little flower and the Weasley boy is some sort of sex god, but that isn't the case here. Wonderful!

Non-Pompous by Anon, for smutty_claus. Katie/Dean, R, 2000 words. Katie discovers the perils of not knowing what (or who) she wants and taking a close friend for granted.

This has one of my favorite tropes: friends turning into more, and I love Katie in it!

A Little Something Between Friends by Anon, for smutty_claus. Harry/Luna, NC-17, 2000 words. Luna believes she has the cure for Harry's recent bout of performance anxiety.

Ahahaha. This is hilarious. I particularly like the beginning conversation between Harry and Ron. Makes the story!

There's a ton of fic over there that I've enjoyed, so - again - do check out the community and leave the anon authors feedback if you read something you enjoy!
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I read a LOT of fic this week!

taste your change in men by fleshflutter, for salt_burn_porn: J2; NC-17; 2500 words.

Jared in fishnets. I don't think I need to say anymore.

But What a Lovely Way to Burn by lazy_daze, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; NC-17; 3600 words;

This is intense and desperate and needy and so very crazy hot!

Will I Look Back and Say by rivers_bend, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; NC-17; 3000 words; Dean's never been to a college party, but he never imagined they would be like this one.

This is really atmospheric and beautiful. It feels like old-school fic, which I miss miss miss a lot.

How I Wish It Would Rain (Down on Me) by veronamay, for salt_burn_porn: Sam/Dean; R; 3000 words; It's the wet season, but it hasn't rained here in weeks.

This is intensely atmospheric, too. The heat just sizzles off the computer screen.

One Step by Anon, for ficadron: Ron/Draco (\0/); NC-17; 13,000 words.

This makes me remember why I love HP fandom. Sort of AU, but could be a missing moment from book 7. After Ron leaves Harry and Hermione, he finds Draco bruised and battered, and he nurses him back to health. Snarky and hot! Though be warned that this deals with past physical and sexual abuse.

Protective Measures by Anon, for smutty_claus: Neville/Ginny; NC-17; 10,000 words; After the war is over, Neville and Ginny attempt to pick up the pieces.

This is full of some really lovely longing. I especially love the back story of Neville and Ginny during Neville's seventh year.

A Little Sideways by Anon, for smutty_claus: Luna/Cedric; 9000 words; NC-17; Cedric was never as dead as everyone thought. All he needed was one person to see him.

This is probably my favorite of the fest so far. The premise is so interesting, and Cedric's longing and loneliness are so palpable.

ART: The Potion Master's Apprentice by Anon, for smutty_claus: Snape/Hermione; NOT WORK SAFE.

Guh. The colors and the details make this gorgeous.

Shall We Dance by Anon, for smutty_claus: Harry/Ginny; NC-17; 4,600 words; Tonight, we tango!

This was just fun! Harry and Ginny on holiday in Argentina! The little touches of Spanish and the atmosphere really make this fic.

Upon the Midnight Clear by Anon, for smutty_claus: Draco/Hermione; 4,300 words; NC-17; Years after the war, things have changed. Hermione meets Draco at a Christmas party and goes home with him to make a little music.

I rec this because I enjoyed it, and I thought it was very well written. My only caveat would be that it came a touch too close to Ron!bashing for my tastes, but I'm maybe over sensitive about that. It was still really well done, though. Draco, in particular, was handled more sensitively than he usually is.

Lose Your Mind by Anon, for smutty_claus: Harry/Megan Jones; NC-17; 3,300 words: Things never seem to go according to plan with Megan, but Harry always enjoys the results.

I have no idea who Megan Jones is, and I'm always bemused when people request such minor characters, but the author did a good job with the character. Megan is fun loving and vibrant and I might have imagined she was Ginny, and this was a very enjoyable read.

I actually have more to rec, but I have to stop here for now. DEFINITELY check out smutty_claus if you have any free time. It's always my favorite time of year, when I find myself reading all sorts of interesting characters!
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I have been meaning to do this for weeks, and I keep forgetting, and by now I'm certain you have all read it (possibly, like me, more than once)as it's been recc'd ALL OVER THE PLACE, BUT, if you haven't, go read winterweathered's fabulous remix of The Long Haul: You Move Me.

Jensen as Jared's mover. It is seriously perfect and funny and adorable, and, like, very, very touching. If you haven't read it yet, you are missing out.
Go forth. Read.
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It's Friday Night

Here's what you should do. Get yourself a glass of wine, find a comfortable place and maybe a blanket, and go read this: Fading Silhouettes by indysaur. Do it right now. Ignore the fact that you don't read RPS, and that you could give two shits about Jared and Jensen. If you love words, go read this. If you love stories, go read this. If you love life, go read this.



I need the weekend to recover, and like, PROCESS. Oi.
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fic | "a fork in the road" | J2 | R

YES. THAT'S RIGHT. I'm posting a story. Try not to faint the from the shock of it all. I don't have any smelling salts.

A Fork in the Road. Jared's known Jensen since he was born. Jensen's his best friend. It's not uncomplicated.; 3500 words; R; AU.

Thank you to destina and glendaglamazon for making this story not embarrassing. I was feeling VERY rusty, and you two were amazing.

Um, this isn't quite like anything I've written before. It's a remix of the MARVELOUS indysaur’s Roads Well Traveled. And if you have not read that story, you are seriously missing out. This is a prequel of sorts to her story, and I must insist that you go read (or reread) her story as soon as you finish this. I was so pleased (and intimidated!) to be able to remix one of indysaur's stories, because I FANGIRL her like you would not believe!

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